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Sounds True Publishing

I was tasked to build and implement a newly combined blog and podcast website in Wordpress. Using custom PHP, CSS and Javascript, I created a scalable and modular system of hand-coded plugins and Elementor components to work across multiple databases including their Shopify API.

"Sounds True" is an independent multimedia publishing company based in Louisville, Colorado. They are one of the top independent publishers for spirituality, meditation and healing with over 3,000 titles.

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Hired on as a consultant, I advised best practices and helped manage their Wordpress website more efficiently. I also assisted with redesign and development.

"Matillion" is an award-winning cloud data software company. They provide end-to-end data transformation for Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery.

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Claremont Ranch

While working at "EOS Healthcare Marketing", I developed a system to rapidly prototype Wordpress websites, and allow them to be templated and scalable. This was the first site to utilize that system.

"Claremont Ranch" is a veterinary clinic located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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I was asked to create designs and page templates for the IKON Pass blog "Lifted" to provide a more cohesive and consistent user experience. The designs were later developed into a Wordpress website.

The "IKON Pass" is a ski and snowboard pass with over 40 destinations around the world.

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Community Commons

A microsite built in Wordress, I was tasked to create an interactive website that was also maintainable by "University of Denver" staff. I handcoded the site using HTML, SCSS, PHP, and JavaScript to have a consistent experience with campus computers that use older browsers including Internet Explorer.

"The University of Denver" is a private research university in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1864, it is the oldest independent private university in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States.

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With Food + Love

An existing client site, built in Wordpress. I was tasked to redesign, rebrand, and recreate a new method of retrieving and displaying all the data for recipes and other blog posts.

"With Food + Love" is a plant-based, gluten-free blog run by Sherrie Castellano, a contributing photographer, food writer and columnist for FEAST Magazine. She has worked with Chobani, LaCroix, and Urban Outfitters among others.

Cover Image of Put It On The Blog

Put It On The Blog

A personal project, written in Vue.js that uses the Airtable API to manage content and updates.

"Put It On The Blog" is a community space where users can easily and anonymously submit quotes without needing to worry about login credentials.

Cover Image of Prime Dental Design

Prime Dental Design

While working at "EOS Healthcare Marketing", I was tasked with creating a fully custom Wordpress theme. The site was hand coded using Bootstrap 4, Advanced Custom Fields Pro, PHP and JavaScript.

"Prime Dental Design" is a dental practice located in Central Florida, focusing on cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Cover Image of Simple Youtube

Simple Youtube

A personal project, written in Vue.js that uses Vuetify, a "material design" library and the Youtube Data API to present a clean, colorful, and ad-free version of YouTube.

Cover Image of Loop Dental

Loop Dental

While working at "EOS Healthcare Marketing", I was tasked to create a Wordpress site, based off a chosen theme and mockups created by the graphic design team.

"Loop Dental" is a new dental practice located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Cover Image of Gone Camping RV

Gone Camping RV

A client website, built in Wordpress that houses online inventory of two RV dealerships. I built pipelines to connect their deal management software to the database of the website, as well as export that data to classified sites, such as Craigslist.

"Gone Camping RV" is an RV dealership with two locations in Evans and Greeley, Colorado, specializing in motor homes.

Cover Image of MFC Studio

MFC Studio

A client website, I was tasked to create consistent branding with hundreds of store items, as well as curate featured collections of work that was both for sale and on display as fine art.

Artists Franky + Annie Scaglione established "My Favourite Colour Studio" to honor and capture the aesthetics of nostalgia. From baseball to cross-country road trips, their inspirations and passion overlap in the preservation of our rich pastimes, celebrating all things classic.

"Right To Roam" is an example of a featured collection.

Cover Image of MCA Denver: Animating Museums

MCA Denver: Animating Museums

A client website, built in Wordpress, with an intuitive backend for employees to update, and post to the blog. I was asked to capture and reflect the subtle and contemporary aesthetics of MCA Denver.

"The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver" (MCA Denver) created "Animating Museums" to further cultivate the creativity of already creative people working in art museums. Fourteen fellows from art museums across the United States have been selected for the two-year program, which includes residency workshops in Denver, ongoing mentorship, and a group project.

Cover Image of Scaglione Hardwood Flooring

Scaglione Hardwood Flooring

A new client, who requested I build their site to reflect their modern and elegant aesthetic, built in Squarespace.

"Scaglione Hardwood Flooring" is an elite flooring company based in Denver, Colorado.