Ethan Bradford Barrett

Front-end web developer and designer based in Denver, CO.

Specializing in custom Wordpress development and progressive web applications built in JavaScript.

Portrait of Ethan Barrett

Professionally creating on the web since 2011, I come from an art and design background. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from "Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design," with an emphasis in Photo / Video and Sculpture.


Key Skills

Front-End Web Development

Specializing in an inclusive approach to web development, I create user-focused, responsive and performance-first websites and applications. I use semantic HTML and progressive enhancements in CSS and JavaScript to ensure the best experience and accessibility.

What does that mean to you?

That means I use best practices for the web to increase SEO (search engine optimiziation), faster page speeds, backwards compatiblitity, and overall better experience for your users.

Team Management, Leadership, and Consultancy

Whether it is consulting businesses on best practices for their website, or training teams about technology and services, I have a proven track record of clear communication and effective management.

List of Technical Skills

Accessibility and Browser Compatibility

A11y, BrowserStack


NetlifyCMS, Squarespace, Wordpress

Design Tools

Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch

Developer Tools

Firefox Developer Tools, Google DevTools


Bootstrap, Divi, React, Sage, Vue


Apache, DigitalOcean, Google Firebase, Netlify, Nginx, Serverpilot

Operating Systems

Linux, MacOS

Query Languages


Static Site Generators

Eleventy, Gatsby, Gridsome

Scripting Languages

Javascript, PHP

Text Editor

VS Code

Version Control

Git, Github, Bitbucket

Other Skills

Airtable, AJAX, CSS3, Gulp, HTML5, JQuery, JSON, Node.js, NPM, oAuth, REST API, Sass, XML, Yarn

Personal Setup

A more complete description of my development envirornment can be found at ando.netlify.com

I use Hyper as my terminal and Visual Studio Code as my IDE. Hyper is configured with an Oh-My-Zsh setup and a Powerlevel10K theme, and both Hyper and VS Code use a color syntax theme called New Moon.

color palette of New Moon theme

I use DejaVu Sans Mono for my command-line font, because it has great glyph support, and Victor Mono for my text editor font. It supports ligatures and has a nice cursive italic font, similar to Dank Mono or Fira Code.

DejaVu Sans Mono font exampleVictor Mono font example

My favorite browser is Firefox Developer Editon because of it's excellent new DevTools and security. I also have incredible respect for the Mozilla Developer team, and the people like Jen Simmons that make Mozilla so amazing.