Cover Image of Urban Obstructions

Urban Obstructions

29 September 2018

Obstructed views of Mexico City with emphases of yellows of oranges.

Cover Image of My Friend Jessye’s House

My Friend Jessye’s House

9 October 2017

One of my favorite houses in Denver, lived in by one of my favorite people in Denver.

Cover Image of Colorful Commerce City

Colorful Commerce City

2 October 2017

Mostly known for it’s oil refinery and ugly houses, Commerce City has some nice industrial architecture.

Cover Image of Colonia Juárez, Mexico City (Pt. 2)

Colonia Juárez, Mexico City (Pt. 2)

25 September 2017

I’ve been missing Mexico City every day since I’ve left, and now more than ever I want to return and be a part of the community.

Cover Image of Views From The Source Hotel

Views From The Source Hotel

18 September 2017

Using the (currently under construction) rooftop of the Source Hotel to tour the timeline of Denver’s existing architecture.

Cover Image of Rocky Mountain Infrastructure

Rocky Mountain Infrastructure

7 September 2017

A very loose study on how we build into the mountains and cut through our environment.